BLACK & DECKER HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer HH2455 Review

If you want a hedge trimmer that allows you to trim your hedge comfortably and with relative ease, then this electric corded trimmer could be the answer.

In our Black & Decker HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer HH2455 Review, we look at its various features that make this device great to use.

This electric trimmer is powered by a 3.3 Amp in-line motor. Weighing in at 6.5 pounds, it enables you to work for long periods of time without putting a strain on your back.

The Hedge Hog HH2455 has a rust-resistant dual-action steel blade that’s superior to single action blade models. It’s been designed to cut through overgrowth and branches of up to 3/4” diameter with up to 40% less vibration because of this design feature.


  • The trimmer is 24″ long – This provides a good balance between ergonomics, cutting distance and power.
  • 180 degree rotating rear handle – Enables you to work comfortably from almost any angle.
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle – Great for comfort.
  • Innovative in-line motor – The hedge trimmer is well-balanced.
  • The Hedge Hog has a rust-resistant dual-action steel blade that’s superior to single action blade designs.
  • Lock on switch for continuous running
  • It also has a locking switch to prevent accidental starting and a lock on switch for continuous running.

Product Performance

The 24 inch long cutting blade is a huge plus and the HEDGEHOG HH2455 gets the job done in almost half the time than models with a shorter blade would take. The longer blade also reduces the need for a lot of ladder moving and risky, unsafe overreaching.

When cutting vertical surfaces, the cutting part of the body can be rotated making for an easier job.


The product dimensions are: 6.19 x 7.31 x 45.13 inches


  • 24″ hardened steel cutting blade enables you to cover a lot of ground fairly quickly.
  • Light weight means more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip comfortable handle that rotates for vertical and horizontal cuts.
  • Locking on/off switch.
  • Has an innovative in-line motor which makes this device well-balanced.


  • You can sometimes end up pulling the cord loose a few times until you get the hang of using it.
  • It can struggle on branches over 3/4″ thick.


Overall this quality hedge trimmer comes at an affordable price. It comes with some good features such as the rotating handle and an ergonomic shape. A well-balanced and comfortable machine to work with.

BLACK & DECKER HedgeHog 24″ Hedge Trimmer HH2455 Rating

A good comfortable to use hedge trimmer. When purchasing this device, remember to buy an extension cord at the same time.