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DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

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dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattressA bed is only as comfortable as the mattress on it. If you are in the market shopping for a hybrid mattress, the chances are that you have set aside several thousand dollars to spend on it.

While cash might not be a problem, you will very probably be overwhelmed by the numerous options available when looking for a high-quality mattress.

If you are looking for a mattress that has no weight limit and does a perfect job of balancing support and comfort, then this review is for you.

luxurious mattress

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is a super-premium, 15” mattress that combines the best of cashmere, memory foam, latex, coil, and hand tufting technology to offer consistently great sleep.

Here is our in-depth review:

Review of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Type of Mattress

dreamcloud luxury mattressThe DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is one of the few mattresses with the most complex construction technology.

This hybrid foam and latex mattress incorporates a multi-layered design that aids in providing one of the most comfort-focused feel on the market.

Also, the mattress is hand tufted to offer maximum comfort on its top layer. More so, the tufted construction, which compresses the mattress’s entire depth ensures long-term durability without any breakage.

The Cover

As mentioned earlier, the 15-inch DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress incorporates a multi-layered design with the top layer being the cover which is a tufted Cashmere blend top. This hand-tufted cashmere cover boasts incredibly fine fibres which make it overly soft.

With the mattress being a high-end product, the cover is obviously a contributing factor. And although it feels fantastic to lay on the cover, a mattress protector would also be an excellent purchase to reduce wear and tear.


dreamcloudThis luxurious mattress is composed of a unique blend of 8 layers that include:

Hand-tufted Cashmere Blend Cover: The first layer is a two-inch top composed of a cashmere blend cover that not only offers comfort but also luxury. This hand-tufting puts this mattress on the luxurious end.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam: The memory foam is a five-inch cooling layer that is responsible for cooling the top layers of the bed. And besides its cooling function, the segment is also designed to have contouring support.

Quilted Memory Foam: The third layer is a 1.75-inch section designed from tender, quilted memory foam. The primary role of this layer is relieving pressure and offering superior comfort. You will obviously not want to get off this mattress once the layer does its magic.

Supreme Natural Latex: This half-inch response layer is made from natural, hypoallergenic latex and it serves to provide the body with bounce and contour. This layer makes the mattress perfect for sleepers who often shift positions in bed.

Dream Plush Memory Foam: This layer is only a quarter-inch thick and is has a dream plush memory foam which gives your body some extra contouring for better spinal alignment.

Dense Memory Foam: This half-inch layer is composed of high-density supportive foam which offers a transition section between the lower coil support layer and the upper comfort layers.

Patent Pending Coils: This is a 7-inch layer of durable, steel innerspring coils which offer exceptional support with varying levels of stiffness.

Base Foundation Layer: The eighth layer is a final 1.5-inch layer composed of super-soft, high-density memory foam that offers a base foundation in addition to deep compression support.

Motion Transfer Reduction

luxury mattressThe design of the DreamCloud hybrid luxury mattress usually reduces the motion transfer that is often associated with the conventional innerspring mattresses without compromising the quick responsiveness which permits ease of movement.

The coils in this mattress are individually wrapped, and they compress independently, which aids in isolating motion. Besides, the multiple layers of foam work to absorb all movement and keep the mattress stable.

Heat Reduction Capabilities

While traditional memory foam was not preferred because of absorbing heat, DreamCloud has incorporated features that will help keep you cool. To begin with, the gel-infusion in the first foam layer helps trap body heat. Second, the coil units are designed to remain breathable, and latex is naturally breathable.


DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is built to deliver long-term durability expectations all thanks to the use of natural latex, the double tufting, strong coil unit, and high-dense memory foams.

Try Period and Warranty

DreamCloud offers one of the best trial periods you can get on the market, with 365 full nights to try the product. And what’s more impressive is that the product has an Everlong warranty.

Mattress Sizes

luxury hybrid mattressThe mattress has different size options including Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King size.


  • Quality construction materials
  • Excellent edge support for individuals with limited mobility
  • Multiple layers offer a good combination of support and comfort
  • Sleeps cool


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Not ideal for anyone looking for a foam product which sinks in.


The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is the epitome of luxurious sleeping with a relatively inexpensive price tag. You will love the support while benefiting from the foam’s famous contour. However, this mattress is quite heavy, and you might need some help unboxing and setting it up.