How To Choose A Soundbar

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What are the main considerations to take into account when figuring out how to choose a soundbar?

This article will provide information on what to look out for when choosing a soundbar and the points to consider.

How to Choose a Soundbar

The 21st century is considered one of technological advancement in all areas and, as such, entertainment systems are becoming more updated.

Nowadays, contemporary homes are focusing on entertainment systems and the development of high-tech units to provide enhanced entertainment experiences.

One of these pieces of equipment is the sound bar and the demand for this is growing.  Unfortunately, finding the ideal sound bar can be a complex task and many considerations need to be taken into account.

An Active or Passive Sound Bar

Active Sound Bar

The first consideration contemplating how to choose a soundbar is whether you want an active sound bar or a passive sound bar.

Active sound bars are beneficial because they incorporate all technical elements of an entertainment unit in a single box.  This means that you can simply connect a source directly to the sound bar and it will access all items, such as the speakers, amplification and signal processor – very useful.

The greatest benefit of the active sound bar is that it is easy to install and there is little need for maintenance.  Furthermore, the more modern models present with subwoofers so there is no need to add any additional electronics.  Needless to say, the active sound bar is one of the more popular alternatives when searching for this item.

Passive Sound Bar

Similar to the traditional speaker, a passive sound bar does not include any digital signal processing or amplification.

It may seem less updated than the active sound bar option, but it can be beneficial in that it offers more flexibility regarding the signal processing and outputs.

Furthermore, you will be able to connect more sources, decode various audio formats and experiment with different crossover settings.  Unfortunately, the setup is more complicated than the active sound bar and some knowledge of home theater systems is required.

The Number Of Channels

The second factor to take into account when choosing a soundbar is the number of channels available.

It is important to determine if you want a sound bar designed to operate with multiple channels because this feature will influence the cost of the item.

The lowest and cheapest option is the two-channel sound bar which is a basic alternative to television speakers.  This option may include the capacity to decode multi-channel Dolby soundtracks, however, the sound output is in stereo.

While on one end of the spectrum is the two-channel sound bar, the highest multi-channel option is the seven-channel sound bar.  This piece of equipment has been created to reproduce several soundtracks simultaneously, offering the “surround sound” effect.  Unfortunately, these sound bars are very costly and can cost $1,000 or above.  Of course, surround sound can be worthwhile because it allows you to feel as if you are “in” the film.

Adding a Subwoofer

A question that is asked regularly when researching how to choose a sound bar is the need to add a subwoofer.

For individuals who wish to obtain surround sound or increased sound effects, it is highly recommended.  However, there are those that do not wish to add the subwoofer because of additional cost.  In traditional sound bars the subwoofer is an optional feature that requires additional cost to install the item.

Of course, many new models include the subwoofer in the active sound bar system, but it is not always necessary.

Subwoofers can be helpful in enhancing the sound, but you should ask yourself whether this is important to you or if you can live with a lower frequency speaker.

The Amount Of Audio Sources Connected

The question of audio sources is another typical question to consider when choosing active sound bars.  This is due to the fact that active sound bars connect directly to an audio source, therefore the option of source connections is most relevant in this situation.

Lower-priced sound bars will most often provide a maximum of two audio inputs, but if you are looking for a piece of equipment that provides access to several gadgets then you may require a sound bar with more source connections.  Of course, the cost of the sound bar will vary based on the number of connections and this should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate soundbar.

I hope this article answers the main questions when you are considering how to choose a soundbar.