Hybrid Mattresses: The Benefits

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What is a Hybrid Mattress?

It is a mattress containing a combination of two or more support systems: layers of memory foam along with an innerspring system.

Because of this type of construction, the user experiences the best of both worlds: memory foam for comfort alongside the support of inner springs.

Hybrid mattresses have been gaining a lot of steam recently in the marketplace.

If you are considering investing in a hybrid mattress yourself, you are likely going to be interested in learning about some of the benefits of them. At the same time, you might want to familiarize yourself with some of the potential drawbacks as well.

Below, we will be going over a few things to be aware of related to these mattresses.

Some of the Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses:

Motion Isolation

Are you tired of having your partner wake you up when they get out of bed? This is exactly who a hybrid mattress is designed for. With a hybrid, your mattress is going to have extreme motion isolation which is a major plus for the category as a whole. Much like pure memory foam mattresses, they are great at absorbing any kind of movement. Therefore, movements on one side of the bed are not going to be felt on the other. Thus, they make for a good mattress if you are looking for something that will minimize sleep disturbance.

Very Good Support

Another significant benefit that can be gained with these mattresses is the ability to get ample support. Hybrid's tend to offer some of the best support you will find on the marketplace because the material is able to compress firmly which can help distribute the pressure evenly throughout your body. Whereas, other mattresses that are either one or the other tend to have significant drawbacks when it comes to support. Therefore, if you are someone that sleeps in various sleeping positions or you have a partner that sleeps in a different position than you, this is a mattress that is much more versatile and adaptable.

Good For Sex

Another good thing that you are going to get with hybrid's is a much more structurally firm mattress which will support you during sex. One of the most significant drawbacks of memory foam mattresses is the fact they are not conducive to a good sex life. Unfortunately, these mattresses tend to sink and ‘give' too much. Therefore, they are unable to provide the much needed ‘bounce' that hybrids are able to offer. This alone might make it worth switching to a hybrid because a memory foam mattress and it's softness might be a complete deal breaker for many couples.

That being said, hybrid's do have their own inherent drawbacks. Below, we will go over some of them.

Some of the Drawbacks Of These Mattresses:


Unfortunately, with all of the benefits comes a much higher cost. Those on a budget might want to look elsewhere because hybrid's tend to be some of the most expensive mattresses that you will find on the marketplace. Therefore, you will have to spend much more than you might on non-hybrids.

Heat Retention

Like memory foam mattresses, hybrids suffer from heat retention. Unfortunately, the heat is unable to get released from the material which can lead to the heat building up within the mattress. This ultimately leads to the mattress sleeping hot which can make for an uncomfortable sleep to say the least. While there are ways to remedy this, it is not something that you are going to want to have to deal with if it makes your sleep sessions uncomfortable and you shouldn't have to invest even more into your mattress to correct its short comings when you are paying so much for it to begin with.


Overall, the benefits of hybrid mattresses typically outweigh the drawbacks for most. However, a lot will depend on how much you are looking to spend and whether or not the benefits outweigh the price difference associated with other mattresses.