JBL Cinema SB450 4K Review

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What's the next step after hanging your new ultra-4K HD TV on the wall?

Installing a high-quality soundbar to complete the home theater experience.

You have at least a dozen viable options spread across multiple budget ranges.

One of those options is the JBL Cinema SB450 4K soundbar. It's stylish, capable, and designed to improve your movie watching experiences.

JBL Cinema SB450 4K Review

A soundbar needs certain features if it wants to compete with the products manufactured by the big brands.

The SB 450 has a few interesting features that help it stand out.

  • A Powerful Subwoofer – The SB 450 subwoofer makes a serious impression. It's larger and more powerful than what you'll see in nearly any other soundbar on the market. Not only does it sound great, but it looks impressive.
  • HDMI ports – This is a feature that is surprisingly missing from some high-end soundbars. Multiple HDMI ports mean you can deliver impressive 4K signals to the device.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – More and more devices are focusing on wireless technology and the JBL Cinema SB450 4K is no different. It now features Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to wireless communicate with select devices.
  • Multiple Audio Modes – The SB 450 comes pre-programmed with a selection of audio modes for different occasions. For example, there is the Harman Volume mode, which reduces the dynamic range of the audio for nighttime listening.
  • Comes With A Remote – There's no need to pay for an expensive universal remote that may or may not work with your soundbar. The SB 450 comes with its own remote, though not everyone seems to like it.

How Does It Perform?

The SB 450 is a loud and impressive monster.

The subwoofer is capable of shaking the walls in some rooms. This is great for intense movies and delivering that theater-quality sound. Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite as well for music and dialogue can sometimes get lost beneath the powerful bass.

What Are The Dimensions?

JBL Cinema SB450 4K ReviewAt 40 pounds, this is large by any soundbar's standards. The dimensions are 46 x 19 x 15 inches. It might require some adjusting to find the best spot for the bar and the subwoofer.

And even though it's large it looks great so you don't feel compelled to hide it.


  • Large and impressive subwoofer.
  • Comes with its own remote.
  • 4 HDMI ports.
  • Allows for 4K Passthrough.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to some devices.


  • The extreme bass can overpower the dialogue.
  • The remote is easily damaged.
  • Doesn't sound as great playing music.

Is It Worth The Price?

It's not the most expensive soundbar on the market. Unfortunately, its price range puts it in competition with a number of other mid-range soundbars. Some of the competition in this price range is very impressive, but none of them can stand up to the bass of this subwoofer.

It's a great value if you believe it's “all about that bass”.

In Conclusion

If you like loud movies with big explosions, then you'll love the JBL Cinema SB450 4K. It's designed for the movie experience and doesn't work quite as well with music.

Nonetheless, it's competitively priced and a great addition to a home theater system.

JBL Cinema SB450 4K Ultra-HD Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer