Meidong Soundbar For TV Review

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Here, we will be going over the 2017 Meidong soundbar in our Meidong soundbar for TV review.

Buying a soundbar is one of the best ways to get a superior sounding home theater on a budget.

It offers an incredible price to performance ratio that you simply cannot get from other home theater audio devices.

The key is finding a soundbar that provides excellent value for the money and ensuring that it is large enough for your TV and room.

Meidong is a brand that has been gaining traction in the marketplace with their affordable soundbars.

Meidong Sound Bar For TV Review


  • 72 Watts/12 Speakers – This particular soundbar comes with a very reasonable 72 Watts of power and offers 12 different 40mm high-quality speakers that offer enhanced volume and sound clarity.
  • 2.0 Channel – This soundbar is equipped with a 2.0 Channel meaning it should be able to act as a budget home theater audio setup.
  • Aluminum Alloy – Unlike some of the other budget soundbars on the market, this particular soundbar looks like a much more expensive option considering it's made up entirely of solid and compact aluminum alloy.
  • Variety of Connections – The soundbar comes equipped with various connection options that should be sufficient for any desired setup. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1, RCA, 3.5 audio interfaces, and fiber OPT. Because of this, it can easily connect to a flat panel TV, Bluetooth compatible devices, and even audio interfaces.
  • Comes With All Necessary Cables and its own Remote – In the box, you will find all the necessary cables that you would need for a simple setup including a 3.5 audio cable, adapter, RCA line, remote, and a complete user guide.

Performance Review:

meidong for tvWhen it comes to buying a soundbar, the most important factor is the performance. While you want to find one that looks good with your home theater setup, a soundbar is only as good as it performs.

Luckily, the performance this budget soundbar offers is nothing short of excellent. This is true even prior to considering the price point it is being offered at. It offers an impressive stereo sound that is both clear and loud.

The 12 speaker setup shines through and offers one of the best prices to value ratios in terms of performance on the market.

Product Size and Dimensions:

The soundbar itself is fairly large at 1100 x 110 x 50mm which makes it a perfect match for any TV over 43 inches.


  • Powerful Sound – One of the biggest pros of this particular soundbar is the powerful sound it offers. Because it offers 72 Watts of power and utilizes it to power 12 different speakers, you are going to get a lot of performance out of this soundbar. A lot of soundbars on the market underperform due to having insufficient wattage.
  • Easy Installation – As with any soundbar solution, you are likely buying a soundbar due to its convenience and ease of setup. This particular soundbar offers the kind of easy installation and setup process that you are likely looking for.
  • All The Ports You Need – Unlike other soundbars being offered on the market that might force you into a specific connection, this soundbar offers four different connection options to choose from which makes it very easy to go with your preferred set up. Whether you want to use Bluetooth 4.1, fiber OPT, RCA, or a 3.5 audio interface – you will be able to choose what suits your home theater and your preference the best.
  • Lightweight and Durable Build Quality – Another great thing about this soundbar is it's durable and lightweight build quality given it's completely made up of aluminum alloy.
  • Simple Operation – The soundbar itself comes with a very conveniently designed remote offering access to all different setup modes.


  • No Subwoofer – This soundbar does not come paired with a subwoofer. Although, at this price, you can't expect it to.
  • Not For Smaller TVs – This soundbar is not designed to match with smaller TV's which might be a negative to some.
  • Brand – The brand is not one of the more well-known brands on the market. Therefore, there might be some questions about manufacturer support and warranty.

Meidong Soundbar – Is It Worth Buying?

When compared with other options on the market, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value soundbar available.

At the price point of around $130, there is very little to complain about as the performance is what you would expect from soundbars in completely different price tiers.


As you can tell from our complete Meidong soundbar for TV review, this is one of the best value options on the market if you are looking for a complete soundbar to match with a TV that is 43 inches or larger.

It is loud enough to fill a medium-sized room and makes watching TV, movies, or even listening to music a great experience.