robotic vacuum cleaner reviews

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

While robotic vacuum cleaners may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, they are a very real and a very effective piece of modern technology.

As the name implies, a robotic vacuum cleaner is simply a vacuum that moves around your room on its own accord and vacuums the floor without any manual labor required on your part.

Robotic vacuums are still a relatively new technology. This means you’ll see a lot of variations on the market and finding the best, most suitable robotic vacuum cleaner can be a challenge if it’s not something you have experience dealing with.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Below, you’ll find some robotic vacuum cleaner reviews of two of the best robotic vacuums on the market today. Use these robotic vacuum cleaner reviews to help you make a more educated decision in your choice of robotic vacuums.

Neato XV Signature

neato xv signatureLet’s start this particular review with the “bad”. The only bad thing about this robotic vacuum is that it doesn’t have a remote control, thus meaning you need to physically handle the machine to make adjustments.

Beyond that, this is an exceptional robotic vacuum cleaner that has already stolen the hearts and cleaned the carpets of millions of people across the country.

The Neato XV series is designed to be affordable and simplistic. Its job is to vacuum the floors and it does that better than most vacuums on the market. You won’t find as many of the bells and whistles associated with other robotic vacuum cleaners, but considering the monumental difference in price, it’s a worthy sacrifice for people who are interested in finding a robotic vacuum that won’t break their wallet, but still utilizes the latest technology.

The Neato is guided using a combination of laser sensors and a Room Mapping Program. As the laser gathers information about the surroundings and any possible obstacles, the information is uploaded and saved in the RMP program, thus making future runs through the room easier. Of course, the laser sensor is always running in case there are any new obstacles introduced into the environment.

This is one of the most advanced and effective positioning and control systems available in a robotic vacuum, which came as a huge surprise considering their lower costs.

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Roomba 880

roomba 880The next robotic vacuum doesn’t adopt the same attitude towards features and functions. You’ll find plenty of both in the Roomba 880 robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s somewhat more expensive than the Neato, which makes it one of the “high-end” consumer robotic vacuum cleaners.

The 880 is an upgrade over the previous Roomba model and it can now clean 50 percent more dirt from the carpet thanks to the new Aero Cleaning System.

Customers who have purchased this particular robo vacuum cleaner are often impressed at the thoroughness with which it cleans the room before moving on to the next room.

If you’re looking for the best, most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner on the market and don’t mind spending the extra money, then the Roomba 880 is the perfect choice for you.


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The above robotic vacuum cleaner reviews only cover two of the most popular brands, but there are certainly plenty of other options available if neither of these models suits your taste or budget at…

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 1

While robotic vacuum cleaners may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, they are a very real and a very effective piece of modern technology

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