Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Subwoofer Review

One of the sound systems we are going to review today is the Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar.

This system has created a huge buzz in the sound bar production area, and competitors have something to lose sleep over.

Let us take a deeper look and see what it is all about.

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Review


  • The first of its kind to have the DTS virtual feature and an additional virtual 3-dimensional surround sound with a firmware update.
  • Allows Bluetooth wireless music streaming.
  • Has a wireless subwoofer with a mighty bass with flexible placement.
  • Very slim and designed to complement your television perfectly.
  • Simple to set up. You can use either the HDMI, analog or optical connection options.


yamaha sound bar with sub wooferThis sound bar simply takes your sonic experience to a whole new level. It produces a crystal clear, natural sound for all your television shows, games, music, and movies.

The Yamaha virtualizes sound in different dimensions without the need of using several speakers.

It is the world's first sound bar that has the DTS virtual feature. The Bluetooth feature has been enhanced, and you can comfortably connect your devices to the system and stream all your favorite hits with no awkward sound production.

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The system can be controlled smartly using an application that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. The application is very user-friendly and allows you to make the necessary sound tweaks to fit your needs.

The application works pretty well and gives you more options to stay in controlled apart from the conventional remote controller. After buying the system, you do not need to engage in lengthy connection procedures as the setup is very elementary.

Product Size

It has been mentioned that this system is very slim and a natural fit into your TV system. It only weighs 6lbs with the subwoofer weighing 17.4 lbs. Approximate dimensions of the center unit are 36-5/8 x 4-1/4 x 2-3/8 inches and the sub-woofer is 7-1/8 x 17-1/4 x 15-3/4 inches. It is black, and the speakers are surround.


  • The system is slim and light.
  • Has an improved Bluetooth feature to allow users to stream music from their devices.
  • Can be controlled using the remote control, an application on your smartphone or through the existing TV remote.
  • Easy to set up with a high-performance connectivity.
  • Has the DTS virtual feature that enhances its sound performance.


  • It is a bit hectic to get the firmware update to access the added features.
  • Cannot connect to the internet.
  • Comes in color black and not any other color.


The Yamaha sound bar can be acquired for under $300. The package contains the central unit, one subwoofer, a single HDMI cable and a stereo mini jack.

Looking at the price, I might be tempted to say that it is a bit too much for a sound bar. However, the features are quite tempting. We have to give credit to this system as it is wirelessly connected and has an enhanced Bluetooth feature without forgetting the DTS virtual feature. These functions can justify the hefty price tag.


The Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar system has been analyzed, and it is evident that the features are simply amazing.

This sound bar offers a new dimension in the sound bars technology by providing an enhanced performance combined with a multidimensional control ability.

The DTS feature is a great one in sound systems and having a sound bar with that feature is a commendable thing.

Over the years, we have seen some significant milestones in sound systems. Sound giants are embracing modern technology. They are coming up with improved systems that are capable of delivering while still offering users amazing features to add to the performance.

The Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar is just one of those systems.