How to Make a Coffee Table
How to make a coffee table? Do you want a new coffee table but can't find one that takes your fancy? If you're in that position, why not make your own?

In this article, we show you how to make a basic coffee table:

Supplies Needed

Kreg Jig Master System & Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

Black & Decker Drill/Driver Project Kit

Wood glue
Wood screws

Step by Step Instructions

Create a timber cut list. The dimensions will depend on your own particular table size requirements.

Using a special jig to drill pocket holes for the screws, build two side frames exactly the same.

Make sure that your cutting is accurate. As the old carpenter's saying goes - measure twice and cut once.

Use simple clamps to hold the timber together while using screws and wood glue.

Add the second frame to the first one making sure you keep all joints lined up and square.

Lay your 2x6 timbers flat and side by side and drill pocket holes underneath to join them together.

The bottom shelf timbers are then screwed together with pocket holes to form the shelf.

Once the bottom shelf is added, go ahead and add the top shelf by screwing up through the front and rear frame.

The site "X" frames are created using one long piece with two smaller pieces fitted together to form an "X" shape. These are then fixed to the side frame using wood glue.

Once the table is completed, sand it down with fine grade sandpaper. You can then either finish it with stain or paint.

The process involved isn't too difficult once you get into it.

One of the main benefits of making your own coffee table is that, at the end of the process, you will have a unique table that no-one else has.

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