Have you often wondered how to set a dining table correctly? Do you get embarrassed before your guests arrive wondering if you've set the table correctly for a more formal meal?

Here we show you the steps on how to set a dining table correctly:

Supplies Needed

5-Piece Stainless Steel Place Setting

Dinnerware Set

Place mats
Wine glasses
Water glasses
Table runner

Step by Step Instructions

Before you start, you could decorate your table with a table runner although this is not essential.

Start with laying a place mat so the dishes aren't in direct contact with the table.

Then lay out your cutlery for the main course by putting your main fork on the left side and the knife on the right side. Remember, you always work your way in from the outside through the cutlery so put the first course/salad fork on the outside left of the main fork and the smaller knife on the outside right of the main knife. Note - you always put the cutting edge of the knife facing in towards the plate.

If you are having a soup course first, put the soup spoon on the right side, outside the knives. Note - only set the table with the cutlery and crockery that you will need. You shouldn't add items that you will not be needing.

Place the desert spoon above the top of the plate.

Place the main plate on the mat.

The smaller bread plate goes to the top left of the setting with a butter knife laid on top of it at an angle.

Set the wine glass to the upper right, just above the knives and place a water glass just to the left of the wine glass.

Finally, the napkin is added to the left of the forks. For a larger meal that takes up a lot of space on the table, you can put the napkin in the middle of the plate.

There you have it. You should now be able to set a table for a formal meal the proper correct traditional way.

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